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Systemic Constellation Workshop

  • Location to be determined Calgary, Alberta Canada (map)

Investment: $125

This experiential workshop offers an embodied experience of clearing ancestral entanglements.

The soul movements in Constellation Work allow us to look at our lives through a new lens and embrace radical self-love by healing our family dynamics.

Each of us, without knowing it, can carry the heavy burdens of our ancestors who have gone before us, and be loyal to those who have suffered. Working within the quantum Energy Field will not only bring such hidden loyalties to light but give the tools and support in present time to liberate your own authentic freedom.

One way we can express our loyalty to our family lineage is by unconsciously carrying the pain of previous generations so that it might have a chance to heal through us. The members of our family who are now deceased want each of us to be free of carrying their pain and burdens. But first we need to become aware of their suffering and release our unconscious loyalty to their pain. Then we have the opportunity to live as free beings who are supported by a powerful stream of blessings from our family lineage.

This is transformative work that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate it’s effectiveness.

To register, please e-transfer $125 to I will confirm receipt of payment and hold a space for you. Registration fee is 50% refundable if cancelling within seven days of the event, and 100% refundable if cancelling with more than seven days notice.

NOTE: Please bring a lunch with you.

Location will be announced shortly.

I look forward to seeing you there!