Customized and Compassionate Healing Facilitation

Sessions Designed to Meet your Healing Intentions

Each session is customized to your personal healing intention. Tools used include: Sound therapy, Systemic Constellation Therapy, Guided Visualization, Shamanic Healing, House and Land Clearings, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reflexology, intuitive guidance.

Session Results

Examples of session outcomes include:

  • greater personal empowerment to make positive changes

  • greater self-awareness

  • increased vitality

  • deep healing in relationship with self and others (regardless of whether the other is living or has passed on)

  • improved physical and emotional well being, including better sleep

  • increased sense of inner peace

  • enhanced creative flow

  • increased connection to higher self

“Shannon’s extensive training and commitment to her own personal work allows her to create a safe space for physical, mental and emotional transformation. Her integration of System Constellations with sound therapy provide a unique experience for her clients to venture along the various avenues of their being. I highly recommend her.”

Nelson G.

What is Acutonics?
This sound therapy technique is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Energy meridian points are used to pinpoint areas that have restricted energetic flow to the physical and subtle bodies. Specialized tuning forks are applied to these meridian points. The sound vibrations move through areas of blockage and increase energy flow (Qi) and blood flow to the treated area, giving the body region and energy channel more vitality. Esoteric applications work on the emotional and spiritual bodies to expand consciousness and strengthen the root, which is the higher, inner spiritual heart center.

What is Systemic Constellation Therapy?

Physical issues and unhealthy emotional patterns are often connected to previously unresolved issues within the family system. This happens because at the moment in history when those issues occurred there were not enough resources to deal with them. What is unresolved does not disappear as one generation gives way to the next. Instead, the issues remain alive throughout the generations, awaiting resolution. Systemic Constellation Therapy provides insight to these hidden dynamics and allows for healing. Improvements can occur when a new healing image is experienced. This is a highly experiential and powerful therapy.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping, like acupuncture and acupressure, is a set of techniques that uses the body’s energy meridian points. You stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. With EFT, you can take control of that healing power and reset the underlying dynamics of the issues you wish to heal. EFT is self-empowering and provides relief from chronic pain, whether it be physical or emotional.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Reflexology balances the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings of the feet, which connect with the spinal nerves and their corresponding organs. All organs, glands and the skeletal system can be stimulated through the feet, making it a very efficient therapy.

What is House and Land Clearing?

This is a shamanic practice. The practitioner, through a shamanic journeying process, searches for deceased souls in the designated house and on the property. Should any souls be found, the practitioner helps them to move on to a better place. Afterward, a greater sense of peace and safety is experienced in the home. Often this is requested when a client senses there is a presence in the home , or if there’s a feeling of heaviness in the home. Upon request, another level of clearing involves the practitioner working with the client to test the home (and property if applicable) for areas of energetic density, identifying the causes and then clearing the space with various tools. This is a collaborative effort and the result is an increased sense of flow and ease in the home. Often clients who’ve been feeling stuck in some area of life find themselves able to move forward after a space clearing.

What is Power Animal Retrieval?

This is a shamanic practice. The practitioner, through a shamanic journeying process, connects with a spirit power animal who is beneficial for the client’s current situation, and then infuses the client with that spirit animal’s power. A wonderful process for those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Cancellation Policy: A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Please give at least 24 hours' notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Thank you.

Payment: Payment for your session will be collected on site. Cash, cheque and credit cards are accepted. 

Mobil Service Note: When scheduling mobile service, please factor in 15 minutes for set up, take down and receipt of payment.

Privacy and Personal Information Collection: Shannon Webber collects and uses your personal information to deliver the services you have requested. Customer lists are not sold, rented or leased to third parties.

Disclaimer: Shannon Webber performs services to develop natural, complementary health improvement support. These services are not to be considered a “cure” of any disease. The services offered are safe, non-invasive holistic methods of balancing physical and emotional needs, with an understanding that those imbalances can cause or contribute to various health problems. Clients should continue to see any medical doctors they are currently under the care of, and any prescription medication should not be altered without first consulting the doctor who recommended it.

Nothing said, done, typed, printed or reproduced by Shannon Webber is intended to diagnose, prescribe or take the place of a licensed physician.