Spirit-Guided Healing Messages


Become Greater than Your Fear

Getting to the height of your fear is a gateway to exposing your light. The very thing you’re afraid to do is the thing you must do to free yourself.

With self-compassion, look at the ways in which fear holds you back, shackles you. Where is your energy going? Do you play small? Work hard to gain the approval of others? Aim for perfection? Shy away from intimacy? Numb yourself? Hide?

By working to avoid the pain of what you fear, by dimming your light, you deprive yourself and you deprive others – the ones you’re here to inspire in your own unique way.

Here's the key: When you retrieve the power you’ve given away to others and the power you’ve left in your past, and when you call home the parts of yourself you've rejected, you become greater than your fear.

Nothing in the external world has greater power over you than you have in your internal world. Do you sense the freedom in that?

You have the innate ability to heal yourself, build your self-esteem and connect with the All that is you and the you that is All. You are loved and supported beyond your comprehension.

Oh, your inner light is exquisite! In this time of chaos and darkness, the world needs your light.

Be brave. Be kind to yourself. Retrieve your power. And dare to shine.

You Have the Power

Clear and concise are the words of your fore-bearers. Be still and listen. They are telling you that your desire for wholeness, for healing, is not purely your own. You came into this world, you in shiny human form, with the coding of your ancestors.

Why? Not so you’d live your life repeating their patterns, but because you have the power to heal what they could not. Bring your light to what has been in darkness: the unreconciled, the repressed, the rejected, the judged.

Heal yourself, and your ancestral lineage will heal — backwards and forwards in time.

You are far more powerful than you realize! You are held and supported, even when you feel most alone. Yes! Shine your amazing light into the darkness and behold your capacity for love and courage. You are a wonder. You are loved.

Have Faith

True, there is no way to know for certain what the future holds. You’re not meant to know. To be aligned with the soul is to become comfortable with not knowing. To expand consciousness, to gain wisdom, one must become comfortable with not knowing.

And how does one learn to be comfortable with the unknown?


Faith in yourself, faith in your soul’s purpose, faith in the Divine.

Why is it so hard to surrender to the unknown? Because you want to be in control, you want to map things out so you can say, if I do this and avoid that, I will be happy, I will be safe, I will get what I want.

But, when you make plans, you’re planning for the person you are right now. You aren’t planning for the person you will become. Your future self is unknown to you right now.

Who does know what your future self needs? Your soul. The Divine. They know. So, let them lead the way. Learn the ways in which they speak to you, guide you, and support you. Approach life in partnership with the Divine. Step into the unknown and, paradoxically, all you need to know will come to you, one step at a time.

Have faith dear one, have faith.

When Sorrow Comes

What comes when sorrow sets in? The need for self-compassion and strength. Strength to see what needs to be seen. Love what needs to be loved – the self in its pain, its anguish. Love that. Cradle that part of you like a mother cradles its child. Precious and vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel it, really feel the sorrow unabashedly, and greet it with tenderness.

 Cry and cry until the tears are spent. Allow your sorrow to be relentless. Do not interfere. Life is working through you, opening you to expand, breaking you apart and reassembling you, transforming you. Just as when it rains and rains, we see that eventually the sun will come out again. And, when it does, there is beauty and renewal that arrives in no other way.

You are Enough

Identify the lies you tell yourself. Identify the ways in which you accept untruths. What are they?

Here’s a big one: “I’m not good enough.”

Not so!

What is the truth? Ah, at the core, it’s simple: You are a spark of the Divine.

The truth is:

You are a sacred being. You matter

You are lovable and you are loved.

You are enough. Right now — exactly as you are— you are enough. You always were, dear one. You always were.