Shannon has a Communications degree and a great passion for writing. She has worked for many years as a technical writer and editor in the corporate environment. Shannon also focuses on heart-centered writing. She’s honoured to share some of her writing with you via her blog articles, and is working on her first novel.

Some life-changing sound therapy sessions in 2009 led Shannon to become an Acutonics® sound healing practitioner. In 2010, she also became a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, studying under renowned teacher Francesca Mason Boring. Additionally, Shannon uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanic healing practices, guided visualizations and more. All of these tools she blends with intuitive guidance to provide an environment for compassionate self-inquiry and transformation.

In 2015, Shannon was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease with a number of challenging symptoms. This illness moved Shannon into a deeper relationship with her inner healer and her spiritual guidance, which led to her discovering the power of plant and animal medicines. Now, four years later, she no longer requires thyroid medication and is symptom-free. She’s working toward having the diagnosis completely reversed, and continues to build her soul-esteem.


Shannon L Webber

A Writer and Healing Facilitator with an unwavering dedication to self-healing … and sharing what I’ve learned along the way

Above my writing desk are neon-pink Post-it notes upon which I’ve scribbled down useful quotes or insights. One of these notes says, There will always be fear in your life. Fear means you’re growing and challenging yourself beyond your comfort zone. I know this is true, I’ve learned that comfort does not offer growth, and usually this message motivates me to carry on. But sometimes I am resistant… Fear sucks!

We all want to feel safe. We want to feel loved and seen and nourished. Accepted and supported. These are basic human needs. Yet many of us feel unworthy of having our needs met. Often, at a deep subconscious level, we believe we’re not good enough. And so, we deny ourselves, reject ourselves.

I spent most of my life believing it wasn’t safe to be seen or heard, believing I was fundamentally flawed and unworthy of love. So, I worked hard to earn other people’s love and then often mistrusted the love that came my way.

As I moved through my teens, I waged war against myself, filled with self-hatred. Through my 20s, I appeared to be self-reliant, calm, good at getting things done. But, internally, I was harsh with myself, a perfectionist. As I moved into my early 30s, I become emotionally numb to the external world as the internal pressure continued to build, burying me. And then something awoke in me; something that said Your spirit will die if you don’t dig yourself out of this mess. I knew the truth of it.

And that was the start of my conscious healing journey. It’s now 15 years later and, wow, I have such gratitude! I have done some deep diving and retrieved incredible treasures from within my psyche. I’ve healed emotional wounds from childhood that I thought would never heal. And I’m healing wounds I wasn’t even conscious of 15 years ago. Healing is, in my experience, an ongoing, active process. A process that builds our self-esteem, expands our awareness and empowers us to open our hearts and accept ourselves unconditionally. As we heal ourselves, we learn to live wisely, rather than safely.

Each of us are, simultaneously, a work in progress and a masterpiece. Isn’t that beautiful?

We each have an inner healer and the capacity to access it. Sometimes we need guidance, someone to provide compassion, encouragement, empathy and effective tools to support us in working with our inner healer. I am so honored to be of service in this way.

Fear has a nemesis… it’s call trust. Trust your inner light!

When we no longer ensnare ourselves with self-criticism and self-doubt, when we believe in our own worth without attaching it to the opinions of others, we free ourselves. When we dare to trust in our own power, releasing repressed emotions and embracing all the parts of ourselves, we free ourselves. When we have faith, we free ourselves. We become free to shine our inner light.


And I’m cheering you on!

With love and compassion for your healing journey,